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    Play Age Of War Witness man evolve through 5 different stages of war in this great looking defense game. Age Of War begins in the caveman...
    44233 Plays Rating 4/53469 Votes
    Play Alexander Dawn of an Empire Match the glory of Alexander by conquering the known world all over again. Train soldiers and research new weapons of war to...
    21788 Plays Rating 4/53469 Votes
    Play Autumn War The worlds population has become infected with a virus that results in zombie-like behavior. In Autumn War you control a...
    27491 Plays Rating 4/53466 Votes
    Play Backyard Buzzing A war is raging between different species of bugs that live in the typical backyard. Control one colony of bugs and try and...
    21823 Plays Rating 4/53468 Votes
    Play Battle Gear Conquer Europe in this tactical war game. You must command your troops during real time battles to defeat your enemy. Train...
    19275 Plays Rating 4/53468 Votes
    Play Battle Gear 2 Once again you must use tactics, cunning and strategy to command your army to victory. You must control infantry, artillery,...
    30421 Plays Rating 4/53467 Votes
    Play Battlefield General Play the role of an ancient Chinese war general and send your troops out to defeat the nearest enemy castle. Battlefield...
    23103 Plays Rating 4/53467 Votes
    Play Crimson Warfare The modern world has descended into a dark age where borders no longer exist and war is the way forward. In Crimson Warfare...
    12477 Plays Rating 4/53466 Votes
    Play Feudalism A great war game based on battling your way to success in Medieval times. In Feudalism you start with a handful of soldiers...
    19901 Plays Rating 4/53467 Votes
    Play Prince of War An epic adventure game where you play as Prince Vern and take command of a small army of warriors. Take part in real time...
    16051 Plays Rating 4/53469 Votes
    Play Sea Of Fire Another base-building war game with lots of big weapons and other features. Build up your military on one side of the screen...
    18378 Plays Rating 4/53469 Votes
    Play Strategy Defense 3 A real time war game combined with a tower defense style of game. Create an army of 45 different soldier types and build 15...
    20232 Plays Rating 4/53466 Votes
    Play Strategy School Wars A real time war strategy game based on a battle for land between School gangs. Use cunning and force to eliminate other...
    20872 Plays Rating 4/53469 Votes
    Play Tactics 100 Live A turn by turn battle game where you controls characters on a board and fight against a matching enemy team. Tactics 100...
    12471 Plays Rating 4/53467 Votes
    Play The Art of War 2 Protect Stalingrad from invading fascists using your military resources. Deploy machine gunners, infantry and mortar units...
    17052 Plays Rating 4/53465 Votes
    Play Trafalgar Origins Recreate the battles of the Napoleonic era and relive a world of pirates, heroes and valour as you take command of the Royal...
    27234 Plays Rating 4/53465 Votes

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